Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sammi Awards and iPad brushes app combined

Several months ago I was honored to have this painting chosen
to be a top 10 finalist in the Sammi Awards.
I created this piece as a metaphor to represent how each of us can bloom.  
We may be born from a humble beginning (as in a simple terra cotta pot), 
but we can overcome those hurdles and bloom in a spectacular way 
that is individual to each of us and sheds beauty on our fellow man.
This was how I described my painting on the application.
The annual Sammi Awards are our city's tribute 
to citizens who are unsung heroes
and make a difference
in all the little ways that really matter.
It was fun to see the art show that goes along with it and meet
fellow artists and nominees too.
And as I have been bit by the iPad 'brushes' app,
as if you did not know...
I thought I would see how close I could replicate the above painting 
on my iPad.
 step 1 - background and texture
 step 2 -  a little outlining
 step 3 - more build up in layers
and finally some buttons added with pic monkey.
Voila -  no paint or brushes,
just fingers and an app.


  1. Beautiful painting! and very impressive "print" of it.
    Congratulations on being a finalist--well deserved.

  2. Congratulations!!
    I love your painting, it has a great meaning behind it...and I love the vibrant colors and textures going on with it. Your phone version turned out pretty amazing as well. :)
    You are a very talented artist!!

    Blessings for a Happy Wednesday!!


  3. Oh congratulations :) Lovely painting and nice to 'see' you!
    I have not got to grips with my ipad at all whereas you are on the same level as David Hockney :)

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