Monday, July 9, 2012

Seattle's Great Wheel adventure continues - the saga of the seagull mama

you may remember this post
about our adventures flying high in the sky
and my bonding with the mama seagull and her brood -
as seen at the end of the yellow arrow below.
i was thrilled to receive the closeup 
(taken by a fellow passenger in our gondola)
of her nest today and
wanted to share the view with you.
you can't really see the baby, 
but there is one right underneath her. 
and she is encouraging the second hatchling
to ignore the big dizzy wheel turning above their heads and 
just hatch!
Isn't life grand?


  1. Fun post! I wonder what that seagull family is thinking? We watched a hummingbird mom take care of her two little ones this year. It's a lot of fun watching them grow up.

  2. Yes, life is grand! :) Birds have their own set of rules I think...ha! Thanks for sharing!