Thursday, October 17, 2013

in love with Lancaster

Ahh Lancaster PA,
words don't describe how beautiful this place is.
We were greeted by these two
and given a tour after the 10 inches of rain subsided
(seriously do we know how to pick our vacation dates to get away from Seattle rain?)
and we saw lots of buggies
and covered bridges
and heard clip clops
and saw farmers farming
and saw some strange transportation methods
 and cuddled with him
and was so proud of him
and tried hard not to cry watching him preach
 and met Sweetpea and loved being with her radiant mama
 and worked in their new yard
and played in their yard
and was so very blessed by their incredible church
 and made new friends
and ate yummy things
 and saw new things
 and photographed new things
and will return very soon
when Sweetpea makes her way into this beautiful world.

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