Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What's new at artEAST?

Time for a change.
With the weather changing I tend to switch gears too.
I get out the texture and molding goo and tend to build layers,
just like my wardrobe.  
Layers rule the day.
Just finished and delivered these two.
 Black Button Bouquet
(shipping available :)
Stone Gardens
Stone Gardens comes with this tag attached.
My imagination can really go to some odd places.
But seriously I do so wish this company existed.
Then just maybe my mind would get a rest.
And time to say goodbye to these two friends
who I enjoyed birthing.
So hard to say farewell to those I love,
even if they are only flat beings on canvas.
Hope they go to a good home and make someone smile.
Such a weird part of being an artist...
must learn to release :)
but I miss them.

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