Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jonah and Nineveh - iPad style

We took a trip to Nineveh,
but did a circuitous route just like Jonah.
 So the students had time to ponder 
what it would have felt like sitting in that large fish's tummy
and to think about how Jonah still didn't get God at the end of the story.
And even after he obeyed and saved the whole city,
he still grumbled.  Just like me...
It's so easy to question why Jonah didn't get it,
but I bet God thinks the same about me.
And forgives and loves me anyways.
 Notice Nineveh has a Macys - how cute is that?
 Be sure and notice the worm crawling up the vine in each of the following pieces.
You can imagine what will happen next.
Love doing these Bible stories with the kiddos.
Hopefully the act of listening and drawing will really set the examples on their hearts.

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