Wednesday, December 10, 2014

'Tis the Season

Here are some snippets of my past week.
Ho ho ho, hope you are enjoying the season.
Our church had a "selfie" booth at our 
'Tis the Season party.
It was fun to be silly - not something I do often.
 It seems as if I have not sat down for months.
How did life get so hectic and filled to the brim with so much to do?
Then you add the holidays and everything just goes ballistic.
Not how it should be during advent. :(
So last night I finally settled in with the newly decorated mini tree
and relaxed and read just a little bit.
 And I may have enjoyed some Gluhwein too.
This guy has been visiting the yard lately.
He even laid down in the corner the other day.
There is so much new home construction around us 
and I think he has nowhere to go.
Hope he's enjoying the season.
It was the least we could do 
to let him have some nibbles and a place to chill.

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