Monday, January 18, 2010

coffee break...

You are going to need a cup of coffee
for this one as it is a long one...

Well sometimes life just seems so heavy and sad
like this past week -
Haiti has captured all of our hearts.
We reached the one year milestone of a friend's passing.
And another dear friend suffered a massive heart attack this week
and is hanging on by the grace of God.
And then there is the rescue going on of
4 little kitties in New York by an individual
who just couldn't walk by and do nothing.
So Matteo and I say a big
thank you to Graciel for being willing to step out
of her comfort zone and get involved!

If this mouth could talk that is what he would say,
oh yes he would.

He is my rescue cat and his head
is two inches from the keyboard
as I write this
- what a difference from his former life on the streets!

So now I will return to what I was planning to blog about...
With all the heaviness going around,
6 of decided to take a coffee break and head into Seattle on Saturday...

to find the perfect cup of coffee...
We quickly skipped this place.

and went here instead.
Welcome to Cafe Zeitgeist in Pioneer Square.

everything a coffee house should be...

and look at that crema!

and there was even art on the walls
made from old books by

and then we moseyed across the street
to our second cafe...

which has more of a Italian contemporary sophistication...

and great coffee too...

and then we decided we were full of caffeine
and needed to stop drinking coffee so we went to Ballard
which is very Scandinavian...

and we visited Curtis Steiner's
incredible store which is more like an art gallery...

He has beautiful cards that are pieces of art
and drawers filled with stuff for sale that he has collected
and vignettes
and even his dog Mortimer
likes to greet you!

and finally we made a stop at Lucca,
my favorite store...

before we prayed for our dear friend
and came back to the reality of life.

p.s. thanks to Ed for some of the photos -
hey finally someone took pictures of me!
and what a small world because as I read the article on Katya
she mentions getting the idea for her books from an artist in Seattle...
and I think she means Curtis Steiner
because he has books like she did for sale in his shop - ha :).


  1. Lucca! you must take me there sometime. Also. I must say i LOVE Caffe Umbria. It's so authentic and takes me back to Torino every time we go there. I'm glad you guys were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine in Seattle with such a tough week. Love you.

  2. Pam,

    You have no idea how much your kind support from the other side of the country has meant in my cat rescue endeavor. I'll keep you informed of the continuing progress.

    Blessings to you!
    Graciel xo

  3. Oh, I am in heaven after reading this post. We went to Seattle a few years ago and loved it!! (I live in PA, so it's a long way), and one of my passions is coffee (we have Peet's coffee delivered here every month :) I envy you so much!! Good thoughts for your friend--hope all is well.
    P.S. I love your kitty :)

  4. Oh thanks so much for your comments - I just love this blogging community! And I just heard that our friend started talking and making jokes after the doctors took out his breathing tube this morning! Wow,

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