Friday, January 22, 2010

an exciting package arrived...

the other day I received the
most wonderful
package in the mail...
the purchase was wrapped in a
magazine page
so of course I had to study that first
(and I literally screamed at my poor husband
when he came home and thought
it was trash
to be disposed of...)
and the wonderful hand-stitched cards
were accompanied by other postcards...
and a wallpaper band stitched with care...
so all in all I just studied the
whole presentation...
and felt like a little kid at christmas...
absolutely scrumptous...

and she even lives in the same town as me
-such a small world!
please visit her blog and etsy shop...
she will give your day a good smile..
I always laugh when I spend time
on her site
and my husband asks me what I am chuckling at -
"oh just visiting dottie angel (aka Tif) and used dog and little olive again
I say"
try it, you will like it...


  1. hello there~
    I found you through Leah and had to leave a comment, as once again Dotty Angel and I have crossed paths. (can you hear the Twilight Zone music in the background...?) Your blog is lovely!

  2. thank you so much. i will visit yours...