Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a happy birthday toast to Mr. Nick

what a good sport...
high tea with the parents for his birthday celebration.
our favorite 22 year old
still likes to hang with us...
and wanted to spend his early birthday having tea
and scones, and small sandwiches, and sorbet, and crumpets,
and fruit, and meringues, and shortbread,
and on and on and on...
little did we know that the Queen Mary Tea Room
would be filled with feminine frou frou kitsch 
and girls wearing tiaras galore.
he was asked if he wanted to wear a "king" crown for the occasion,
to which he politely declined;
the waitress responded that she hadn't had a male taker yet -
go figure...


  1. Happy Bday to your son! He is a good sport! Looks like a great time for everyone though...:)

    Love your photo editing! My fav is the teacup! Beautiful!!

    XOXO Gloria

  2. Birthday Wishes to Nick! That is awesome! Looks like good food and times. What a wonderful young man he must be~
    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, No. Calif. is beautiful and I love Picnik too! But, I truly want to master photoshop better!! lol I might have to take a class. I grew up there but now am in Central CA. One day I wish to go back up North. I spent my summers in LA at my grandparents. Lots of good times~
    Have a wonderful rest of your week Pam! ~Theresa