Thursday, January 20, 2011

i am the...

i am the...
i am the
hope of winter,
the ugly brown burst forth with life,
the perfumed headiness of spring,
the hope for tomorrow.

i adore these paper whites sprouting in my kitchen.
i am in misty mawn's on-line class
and each week she has a writing assignment 
(this week it is 'i am the...')
along with drawing and painting.
i am so behind
and basically haven't even begun to draw or paint,
(just putting together art lessons for the kiddos
and coping at present)
but that's ok...
i have grace and 
i will begin when i am ready.
there is always hope.


  1. I love paperwhites in winter. Beautiful poem, beautiful post.

  2. You deserve an A on that assignment! I love what you wrote. And I'm glad you're allowing yourself need to rush things. Sending a hug...

  3. Hi Pamela, I'm from Misty's class too!
    Your poem is lovely. :)


  4. So many of our lovely friends are taking the e class I wish I could of, but maybe next time. I love that she is including writing with that, I didn't know. Yes, go at your pace and it will be fine. Happy creating~ Theresa

  5. What a very beautiful image you have shared today, along with encouraging words of hope!!

    I hope your weekend is full of goodness!!

    XOXO Gloria

  6. oh, pam! your mom!! oh, no. :( i'm so very sorry to hear of her passing, poet and artist that she was. and as i well know, lover of cats she never met.

    i will thank her, again, through prayers, for her help with last year's strays.

    i send peace to your heart and wishes for healing and grief at your very own pace.

    blessings and love to you,

  7. Dearest sweet pam, you always have such a beautiful way to write your thoughts down in words. Simply beautiful and inspiring!! I adore paper whites sprouting too! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!