Friday, December 9, 2011

one little two little three little fishies...

Our last lesson was a lesson in trust for the art clubbers.
First they painted their entire pieces with warm colors and designs.
That was easy enough.
 But then I asked them,
"Do you trust me?"
 and I told them to paint out most of their paintings with cool blues 
and only leave at least 3 fish shapes.
 "What, but why didn't we just paint the fish shapes to begin with?", they asked.
 A hard lesson to take, but they had the 'ahha' moment finally
when they saw those hidden fish come to life before their eyes.
"Hello there little fishies!"
 I first learned this technique with Jesse Reno at art fest...
 and it was torture -
 covering over your art and not knowing if what you put on top
will be better than what is there.
I still think about what I covered up in one of my paintings 
and wish I had let it be.
I think these guys are more adaptable 
and not yet set in their ways like us adults.
If only they could keep that trust and spontaneity through out life.
I like to think I am helping with that just a little.


  1. Oh how I LOVE these Pamela! I would frame these in a heartbeat.I will have to try this technique sometime.Thanks!

  2. Love the fishies, and a technique i cant quite do myself, trying:O) As always great work and you are such a great teacher:O)