Friday, December 16, 2011

walkin', prancin, and flyin' in a winter wonderland...

Stepped outside today and discovered these beauties.
 If I was a gnome I would so live here.

 with these lights nearby
and this guy could come visit anytime.
Well school is now out for the Christmas break and
before it was over the art clubbers did a little 
prancin' in a winter wonderland...
 only chose 2 to include here, 
but the rest were adorable too.
 and I got to teach all 19 in my during school time class
with the same theme -
here to stay is a new bird...
 again I couldn't choose them all,
but aren't they precious?
 The students happen to love angry birds so
I knew these would be a hit.

Borrowed the idea from pinterest and it took me to this great art blog.
Don't you just love how the blogging and pinning communities share,
and the whole world gets to be enriched from a project
done in one small classroom,
and before you know it,
another class gets blessed creating a similar one?
What a wonderful creative world we live in!


  1. Wow these are awesome, so glad to see that you used my winter cardinals idea! The little bell and poem at the bottom is such a nice touch!Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow!!! You have some talented awesome students:O) Love the reindeers leaping:O) And the birds with the little quote below:O) Enjoy the break:O)