Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a dog's life

Finally it's my turn to post...
if you are recent to this blog then let me introduce myself -
My name is Zoe and I am a 9 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
My mom is allowing me this guest post while her finger heals.
She thanks you all for asking how she is doing;
the finger is healing but starting to hurt more and 
she is hoping that means the nerves are reattaching
and nothing more.
She is a tad down and finds it hard to sit still
and the worst thing is that she won't throw the ball to me
and no art is happening.
I live with her and Doug and I love fetching and herding my family...
yep that is what I do...
especially on walks - and when strangers come to the door,
well who are we kidding - when anyone comes to the door.
It's just what I do.
thought you might enjoy seeing a little bit of my world....
We walked to Pine Lake Park the other night for a 60's concert.
There were lots of dogs to see,
but my mission was to herd my parents through the park and back home.
It's just what I do
It was a beautiful summer day.
Summer doesn't get any better than here,
that is after summer actually arrives and decides to stay...
just love this lake -
Then Saturday we went on a long drive in the car...
I usually don't go on these outings as I get a little dizzy and carsick.
I am too short to see out and Mr. Nick is in Paris and could not hold me.
sigh, I miss my boy.
First we went to Gig Harbor, a beautiful little town west of Tacoma.
Oh mom, of course we had to pose...
how embarrassing!

and I was planning on eating these yummy colored items left right on the sidewalk
until my mom showed me that there was a sidewalk drawing contest going on.
very cool art...
even got my white paws colored from it -
I kinda like the look.
Then my adventure continued at a family party.
 I met Maddie and Bella -
 they were young whippersnappers and made me nervous 
as they ganged up on me - 
I am an old lady you know
and I like my quiet.
I enjoyed spending time with my good friend Tess.  
Now there's a dog who gets me.
She had the largest beef bone and 
I got to gnaw on it a couple of times.
I had a whimpy rawhide and I wanted Tess' bone 
and she wanted my rawhide.
The grass is always greener right?
So I had to eat my rawhide as fast as I could so she would not get it, 
but then I threw it all up... drat.
Here's my favorite Ella who loves cheerios -
my kinda girl...
She did not spill as many as I had hoped, drat...

She didn't feel very well...

my mom thinks she has the cutest bum...

but then again she says that about mine.

Now I for one covet her shoes -
red and pink and cherries -
how cute are these?

and these are her ladybug shoes...
I seriously wanted to put all 4 of them on my feet and sneak out - 
do you think anyone would have noticed?

On the ride home I saw my first train - a little loud and big and scary
so I moved to the other side of the car...
I really prefer just hanging out at home
(It's just what I do),
but I did enjoy myself today.
I have more to share so mom said I can blog again sometime if you guys like it,
so please comment if you do!
I gotta get more comments than the cat's post  (9) so comment here please 
and give the dog some support.


  1. Ok... seriously... this is SO cute! I love it!! I am giving my support to the dog post! :)

    I sure hope you are healing up soon Pamela... praying for you!


  2. so funny! she blogs very well!

  3. How adorable your "Zoe" is! :) Very cute! I loved the cat blog too, that is a hard one to decide on!
    Your artwork is very beautiful!
    p.s. My 6 yr old granddaughter is named, Zoe...:) She would love your Corgi, *Zoe* as well!

  4. oh my goodness, Zoe! What a cute post! I'm sure you'll win the contest and beat Matteo. :) give your mom a hug for me!

  5. Ohhh, to live the dog's life!! Zoe, tell your Mom that I hope her finger gets better real fast.

  6. Oh Pam how sweet and precious! I love Zoe and I could just watch her adventures all day long...oh the baby was cute
    Hope you get back to your old self soon!
    Tina xo

  7. Way to go Zoe! What a great post. You should really think about starting your own blog and talk your mom into getting you some of those shoes! Too cute. Why should babies have all the fun?

  8. Zoe, I love getting the latest blog from your point of view. You had a lot of action this week, including some fun company. Keep on with the blogs, your mom should heal for a while yet anyway. hugs.

  9. This is soo inspring and lovely post!! I love your god and ella is sooo adorable! This really made me smile! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you and yours!

    p/s: will you send some hugs and kisses to sweet Ella for me? She is just soo adorable!

  10. Hopped over from another blog, your blog title caught my interest.

    Lovely blog indeed, the pictures of your dog, and grand daughter are so beautiful. Obviously you are a professional.

    So enjoyed my visit here today.


  11. Zoe, I loved your guest post, this is my first time visiting... I'll be back.
    Great photos, Zoe you're So cute. Hope mums' finger heals so she can get back to painting.