Thursday, July 8, 2010

sleepless in Seattle

Spent the day in Seattle on Monday 
with my husband - 
We called it a vacation day and only went to new places
and pretended we were explorers far away in a new city...
sometimes just looking down can be the best...
just love stumbling upon sidewalk art -
oh I so want to wear a poem right now...
I want my life to be creative
and instead I feel I am in limbo,
or maybe artistic purgatory...
finished Kelly Rae's class (which was incredible and I honestly do plan to share with you)
and I feel like a race horse at the starting gate but...
feels sorta like I am in this bottle (at Cafe Flora) looking out at my world 
that I want to explore but can't 
because I can't really hold a pencil 
or paint brush 
or scissors,
or prune 
or plant
or cut with a knife
or butter toast 
so I am feelin trapped - maybe like her (found at an antique store in Pikes Market).
She was made to honor 'a saint'
and be at a party or procession
and instead she spends her time behind glass staring out at the world...
or maybe this is how I feel -
he seems to be patiently waiting for his owner,
feeling a tad rejected and left out.
I am not waiting patiently,
just ask my husband...
Even the store I wanted to visit was closed.

OK enough of this pity party 
now for the positive -
I can click a camera
I can type (with the finger raised high) for a little while
I can dust with my left hand
I can pet and hold my animals,
I can enjoy the sunshine (95 today yow!)
I can read 
(The Girl who Played with Fire and 
Madeleine L'Engle's Walking on Water, reflections on faith and art at present)
and I can love my family (really lovin' skyping with Monsieur Nick in Paris)!

and I got the stitches out yesterday (a big ouch #*!#**!) so now just 5 more weeks
of patience for the bone to heal.  sigh... 

Zoe's a tad upset with me for letting Matteo be a guest blogger 
so I promised her that she could blog next.
She's working on the post now 
and promises to ignore Matteo's comment about her 'aroma'.
wonder what she will write about...


  1. I LOVE the photos and thoughts about your trip in Seattle. How do you get those awesome, antiquey colors??? You have such a good eye. maybe we should go on a photo scavenger hunt with a small group of women!

  2. i LOVE this post! and zoe's picture is pretty awesome. :) beautiful photos pam! xoxo

  3. I used Picnik - it is free and so much fun to play with - check it out.

  4. pamela, what's going on with your hand? big hug--malia

  5. Hi Pam, you've been on my mind!! I love your posts!! I thought I "followed" the blog when I was here last but evidently didn't? I "followed" today and read everything - oh my gosh the post is beautiful - you are a writer! (do you have to do anything in html to enter photo, text, photo in blogspot?) But the pet blog was hysterical! I KNOW you will be healed, perhaps it's His way to slow you down. I am all over the place, addicted to our Facebook group, reading and "trying" to learn about blogging and all the info we got - and fit in making art? geesh. I may have to take a break from all this and get inky ;-) and finish my projects. I've not blogged in ages either, eek. But it's o.k. - one thing, one step at a time.