Sunday, July 25, 2010

a Sunday blessing - not coveting or anything ...

OK I know I should not covet,
but give me a break.
First he sends this photo...
Monsieur Nick atop La Tour Eiffel
then he eats lunch at a cafe 20' from Chartres Cathedral
and even photos his Croque Monsieur...
(I have taught him well)
avec un cafe creme...
not that I am coveting mind you or feeling at all jealous,
even though he is at my favorite church in the whole entire world
and probably eating my favorite meal...

and then yesterday he had the gall to go here -
a place I have wanted to go like forever...
with the most wonderful house which I could move right in to...
and the garden which is my most favorite in the entire world too!
Oh Giverny someday I will visit ...
and then today he starts my hubby coveting big time
as he just saunters over to the Champs to see the end of the Tour de France - sheesh...

so take that Monsieur Nick
I stole all these photos off your blog and just a warning -
you will have much yard work and slave labor to do when you return home - 
maybe make our yard look a little like Monet's?

and oh yes,
I was reading in Romans 13 this morning and it puts it all in perspective:
 The commandments ... 'do not covet' 
and whatever other commandment there may be,
 are summed up in this one rule:  
'Love your neighbor as yourself'.
Love does no harm to its neighbor. 
 Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.
 Nick we love you so much 
and we are so thrilled that you got to be a Parisian for a month
and we are so excited to see you Friday.
but just a warning...
there will be manual labor.
a bientot...


  1. Covet all you want as I am too me too on this rainy day in the desert

  2. Pam I don't blame you for being at least a bit jealous. Chartres is my favorite also. I went once many years ago. Our tour guide was awesome. Somehow she managed to get our group access to the organ loft. We went up, up and up these stone spiral stairs and then stepped out onto this loft area barely large enough to hold the organ. To my left was the beautiful Rose window with that unique blue glass Chartres is known for. I was high enough to be at eye level with it. The organist was there practicing for a wedding and gave us a sample of the music he would play. I was literally brought to tears. Probably in the top ten of the profound moments in my life. I hope you get to go before long.

  3. Yep Pam I am right there with you honey....only I don't think of it as envy or coveting, but more like, like, like envisioning yeah envisioning! :)
    Have a wonderful day and howdy to the world traveler!
    Tina xo

  4. Oh I like the word 'envisioning' - that's a good one! Ok now I am envisioning Dale's experience too!

  5. oh don't you worry, I'm coveting too....
    Thanks for popping by and your kind words.....

  6. Wow! What a blessing that he is able to visit such a beautiful place. Thankfully he is sharing it all with you through photos...:)

  7. I am feeling a bit jealous myself! What a great adventure he's having. Next year maybe you should take a family trip to Paris?