Tuesday, July 27, 2010

dreamin' of Durer

as Nick is in Paris
I got to thinking about my year in Europe 33 years ago...

I studied art in the '70s and at that time the 'in' art form was abstract - that's what we learned.  So when I graduated from college I felt the need to take an intensive drawing class.  So I proposed to apprentice with Albrecht Durer for one year.  I think the committee had quite a chuckle and I got their attention as he has been dead for almost 500 years.  I figured that I needed to bathe myself in his work and that meant reading his manuscripts in the British Museum, studying all his originals in museums from London to Vienna and Sweden to Spain, and finally following his wanderlust trip from Nuremberg over the Alps to Italy - right?  And low and behold they agreed to the fellowship so off I went...

This morning I pulled out my sketchbook and took a look...
seems like only yesterday...
As soon as the finger is better (doctor Friday then maybe 1-2 weeks left)
I want to start drawing for fun, yes just fun...
and not take art so seriously!!!


  1. OH...MY...GOODNESS! This is wonderful!!

  2. This is unbelievable, the sketches and the story behind them.

    I also loved your Sunday Blessing post. Such beauty.

    To add any more words to what I feel would detract from the beauty that I simply want to relish and savor.


  3. Wow! Pam, these are awesome! How fun that you saved them all. Really, really amazing. Can't wait to see what you do when your finger heals. You've been sooooooooooooo patient.

  4. oh my gosh you are so incredibly talented... i love looking at these

  5. Beautiful sketches! My favorite one is of the cows! It would look beautiful framed and placed on a wall to enjoy...:)
    I hope your finger heals quickly so you can get back to drawing for fun (for you)! :)

  6. WOW what an experience to draw from..you are one talented gal...thank you for sharing.....

    I love the pictur of Zoe; we used to have a Corgi and he was wonderful..I still miss him....

  7. That for your visit and comments....I hope you will visit again and join.....

  8. Wow! These are amazing sketches! I just happened to find your blog through Nancy at Created for a Journey. I'll be back for sure.

  9. Pam you are seriously talented -- wow! I love these drawings...you definitely need to start drawing again!

    I'm also wicked jealous that your son is in Paris -- no fair! But I saw the Romans passage on coveting...so that got my head back on straight! :)