Thursday, September 16, 2010

commit to thrive

if you need a little push this morning,
and you need to feel that you are on the right track
 as you work quietly by yourself
at your kitchen table, 
pouring your soul into that newest piece of art
and you stop for just a sec and have doubt,
doubt as to why you are doing this,
and does anybody even care,
and will this creation help the world in some way...
then please watch.
thanks to Tania from Indo Bay Inc.


  1. Thanks for posting this Pamela,,,,We all feel like this at some point..Like everyday!

  2. Wow! This was wonderful and beautifula and powerful. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm beginning to accept that making a living from art is possible, and this is a great inspiration and reminder to keep the faith and believe!

  3. Thanks for sharing this video. I love her point of view of changing the concept of what hard looks like. Wonderful message. ~Theresa

  4. Oh Pamela that was so inspiring. I am one of those who from the time I could hold a pencil/brush I wanted to be an artist and I was so filled with joy thinking that was what I was going to do with my life.
    Then people around me started with the "are you crazy", "and who is going to pay the bills while you are having fun" etc, etc...and I gave up.
    Thank goodness the dream and desire were still there in my heart and over the past year I have resurrected and nourished it.
    Maybe now as artists one of the most important works we will ever do is to encourage new young artists to value and follow their hearts and their dreams....
    Tina xo

  5. Dearest Pam, i've too watch this before but it's wonderful and very inspiring to watch it over and over again!! I am a believer in art and our creativity! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  6. This is a first see for me, so much about changing and our level of commitment!

  7. Thanks for posting this..this woman says this with such heart and truth!