Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ella's big day...

the birthday card was made...
the cupcakes were ready...
the birthday girl was waiting patiently
 (in a dress I gave her mom way before she was born)...
to make new friends
(bunny puppet from us) ...
and laugh...
and to even look cute as a cupcake...
Happy Birthday great niece Ella!


  1. She looks so happy and beautiful! :)

  2. ...what a nice girl! Happy birthday!
    Have a nice day, Birgitt

  3. What a cutie-pie--great photos too!!

  4. I love the card you made for a sweet baby girl!

  5. What great memories and photos! She is just the cutest sweetie and I am sure the apple of grandmama's eye! Have a wonderful day Pam and big hugs to the little princess!
    Tina xo

  6. Ella is beautiful! Wonderful pictures and I love her Birthday card!

  7. Very nice story presentation. I got a good sense of the event and Ella's and her mom's happiness and pride. Really good work.

  8. Awww!!!! Happy belated birthday to you little sweet Ella!
    You captured this all so very beautifully in your wonderful photographs! I love the card you made her, and....oh my gosh...she is darling in that cupcake hat. Where did you find that? Did you make that too? So cute!!

  9. didn't make the hat - a sweet friend of her did though!

  10. pamela that birthday card is adorable-- i hope you add some to your shop. i did connect with the fellow flier who is moving here via our blogs. i would LOVE to get coffee with you and she and any other locals. hope you teaching is going well xoxo malia