Sunday, September 12, 2010

a Sunday blessing

 If the vessel of our soul is still tossed
with winds and storms,
let us awake the Lord,
who reposes in it,
and he will quickly calm the sea.
I love this quote and thought it paired nicely 
with this photo that I took in Spokane at a winery
a couple of weeks ago. 
 I didn't really see the reflection until later -
a serendipitous event.  
The water was so still, inviting
and calm.
I have definitely been feeling a little tossed by winds from all directions lately,
feeling a little battered and not sure which way to direct my boat,
 like I've lost my compass...
why do I so often rely on myself to figure 'it' out instantly,
instead of quieting my soul and
drawing near to the one 
who knows my every need?


  1. Pamela this is a beautiful post. Love this image! Thanks for sharing, I can very much relate.

  2. What a perfect post for a Sunday to help us to remember to be quiet and listen for directions....which is just exactly what I have been doing today....I too need some directions
    today....I am sure we both will get what we need when the timing is right....


  3. [let us awake the Lord,
    who reposes in it,
    and he will quickly calm the sea]

    I know this wasn't for me, but it is perfect for me right now and I thank you so much.

    xo Erin

  4. What a beautiful reminder that God can calm our troubled waters!
    Once, when I was washing dishes, I spotted outside my kitchen window the reflections of roses in our fountain/birdbath. It was so inspiring to me that I went out and took photos of it (then later blogged about it). I love sweet surprises like that!
    Blessings for peaceful thoughts for you today,
    Gloria @}~`}~~~

  5. I do so love serendipitous moments too. Hope you are all having a calming, blissful week!