Saturday, September 18, 2010

one can never have too many croque monsieurs or too much art...

ok after devouring Croque Monsieur at Cafe Campagne last week,
we felt the need to expand our vistas and search out more
croque monsieur spots...
so we stumbled into Cafe Presse
right next to Stumptown Coffee
and next to Seattle University with the absolute jewel -
and we were not disappointed...
croque monsieur and pommes frites twice in one week - 
no wonder the pants are tight!
and then lo and behold I small scream emitted from my mouth as we passed
the king of all art stores...
when did Blick Art arrive in Seattle???
actually only a few months earlier 
so I am not feeling too left out of the inner circle...
except my poor husband had been telling me 
about a new art store he wanted to show me,
and I had not been overly eager - and this was it...
I always should listen to my husband. 
she was tree sitting in a shop window -
looks like some place I would like to spend my time too...
So where do you want to spend your time?
I for one did not enjoy shopping for a new vacuum today 
(didn't buy one - any suggestions?)
and I am really in coveting mode as Nick is at a Cloud Cult concert,
but happy to be home with my hubby as he reads on the sofa
while Zoe sleeps at his feet
 and Matteo dreams of catching mice
as he sits in the darkness of the cool garage,
and the book Little Bee calls to me to read again 
(I adore that book, but it is a tough subject and I don't know if others will like it)
so I can lead our book club discussion,
as the rain quietly pitter patters on the roof
(after a glorious day so no complaints).
pheww got that out...
Have a blessed Sunday and wonderful week...
oh I actually also made some arty cards this morning so definitely a good day
(I will share later as I don't want the birthday girl to see).  
My finger is still pretty numb and 
I am sorry to say that I have not really painted since
the unfortunate  boxwood trimming accident in June,
but I am managing.
the doctor says nerves should get better slowly over a year and 
every week is a little better.


  1. What an absolute perfect day--I and I always say--I envy you so much for living in my most favorite part of the country

  2. Yep, Blick is everywhere...
    I visited their headquarters in Galesburg Illinois in the late '60's.
    They sure have grown over the years.

  3. What! Blick in Seattle? I had no idea... between that news and your french restaurant reviews you are making my morning

  4. Blick is right across the street from Seattle Community College on Broadway and half a block from Elliot Bay Books...

  5. Love this post because I am moving to Seattle soon! Are there a lot of flyers out there? We should all meet up if possible. Can't wait to visit this art store!!! I was going to announce this on my blog on Tuesday but I don't think I can wait anymore. I think I'm going to do it right now!

  6. Lovely photos...lovely day. I am from L.A. and used to having art stores - good ones at my disposal...sadly where I live now, Office depot is considered an art store (I am crying about that). I try to stock up when I go visit my parents. I love that mural.

  7. Blick was fun but I still love Michaels and that coupon... and the fact that it is very close to my home... Carrie I am e-mailing you.